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Something about Ascella

Ascella is a utility token operating on Binance Smart Chain. This is the start of our journey. At the end of 2022 we are going to release the testnet of Ascella.chain. Also Ascella coin will be upgraded as a native coin in Ascella.chain.


Great potential

Each of us knows the great potential behind technological blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Phantom and many other networks. All of them brought great benefits to the community and huge profits to early investors. By investing in Ascella, you have a chance to join us at the start of a long journey



A difficult time has come when we, ordinary people, cannot be sure of our future due to crises, wars, pumps and dumps. Total centralization has led to the fact that people have become dependent on small groups of powerful people. Our team wants to help get out of this circle. It's time to act, don't miss the chance.

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We give everyone the opportunity to create their own dApp based on our blockchain.

Ascella is highly scalable protocol based on modern asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) algorithm

Fast transactions

We want to increase transaction speed up to 65,000 transactions/second(TPS).

Development of testnet is in progress


We are transparent to investors. 24/7 support available. Audits are coming

Ascella has clear roadmap so you can check the progress of project


We have 3 flagship products ecosystem that will promote our Idea

Also we are planning to launch Ascella.dao which will help developers to run their products on Ascella.chain.


Ascella.chain is the brand new protocol with high level of decentralization

Ascella offers a completely new transaction encryption technology

Passive income

2% of every transaction is deducted and redistributed to our pool of holders

Just by holding you will see the number of tokens increasing automatically as the community transacts.
We make daily routine easier

Buy and Sell goods and services using crypto

Ascella.edu for online education

This is our blockchain based educational platform which will connect students, teachers and schools all over the World. Transparency is the main idea of Ascella.edu. Imagine that all educational processes will be recorded in blockchain using smart-contracts. Employers will see all about applicants: their diploma, grades, test results etc. Thus, education quality comes to the new level. Any interested person can check what the educational process consists of.

Ascella.market for shopping

Blockchain brings a lot of convenience to the process of buying and selling goods. Experts say that cryptocurrencies will greatly affect the development of trade in the next 5 years. Ascella.market is the first blockchain-based e-commerce marketplace. We are bringing the idea of total transparency to the Retail.

Ascella.tools for finances

Protocol aimed to raise products in Ascella.chain. Ascella.tools helps developers to find investments for their ideas and helps investors to multiply their capital. Main aim of Ascella.tools is to promote our blockchain to masses. Stake your Ascella.coins, take part in launchpads. All of this is provided by Ascella.tools.


0 mil



Buy tax


Sell tax

We use a flexible tax system in order to fit the market situation. Once a quarter we make a proposal for the tax rate, which is approved by the community voting.


Some percent of all trades will be burned. This action is aimed to decrease the total supply and increase price of Ascella coin


You will earn Ascella coins only by holding them. How does it work? We distribute a percentage from all trades to our holders

Market demand and economic analysis

The value and demand for the ASC token are provided by two products that we’ll talk more about - Ascella.market and Ascella.edu.

The combined market for Edtech and E-commerce is more than $5.5 trillion, and that figure is growing every year. We expect to capture market share with our technology. A deflationary token model and growing demand will drive up the cryptocurrency price, and the redistribution of transaction coins will give an additional boost to your capital.

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Ascella is a utility token operating on Binance Smart Chain. This is the start of our journey. At the end of 2022 we are going to release the testnet of Ascella.chain. Also Ascella coin will be upgraded as a native coin in Ascella.chain.

Difficult times have come, in which people around the world can no longer be sure about their future due to constant crises, wars, and market crashes. Total centralization has made the lives of millions of people dependent on the decisions of small groups of influential people.

Our team wants to break this vicious circle. The mission of Ascella is to empower people and give them the resources to become independent in every way. To this end, we are developing 3 excellent services and our own blockchain.

You can open whitepaper using this link

6% for buy/sell

We will start process of listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko right after fair launch.

Yes, first CEX listing is planned for Q3 2022

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Contract address: 0x34969eEF89b981f9417B567980b2B66bC80fBD2A

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