Ascella.market is the first blockchain-based e-commerce marketplace. We are bringing the idea of total transparency to the Retail.

Why us?

The market rationale for the idea

The market confirms the validity of our idea. The blockchain and analyzers solve some very serious problems at the same time.

Delivery time

A smart contract and related equipment will tell you exactly - when delivery occurred. Timely delivery - will work as transparently as possible

The authenticity of the product

Our equipment can unambiguously tell you that the batch of bricks, measuring 250×120×65 mm. each weighing 1.1 kg, that you ordered - is in front of you. Yes, the analyzer is capable of doing this.

The fact of payment

There are questions about how to implement payment, because companies will have to pay in something that can read a smart contract. For this case, we have a solution: Ascella. It is a token that the buyer pays with.

How it works?

Technical implementation



So, what will the analyzer consist of? It’s a set of several hardware components: 4 cameras, a scale, and an acoustic sensor. In a special room, a set of this equipment will check what’s in front of us. Artificial intelligence, by collecting information from all sensors, will confirm this information. Obviously, during the learning phase, the AI will make mistakes, but once trained - the risk of an AI error will tend to zero.


Beacon control points

Each logistical step will be closely linked to the control of the smart contract. The location of each sorting point where a consignment has arrived - will be recorded in the smart contract. This will greatly facilitate the transparency of the work and reduce the likelihood of timing problems.



Ascella.dex will make the payment process seamless as the fiat exchange to Ascella token will be done in two click. You can read about our financial services on this page

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